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Surfeit II

Cafe Oto, 7:30 Wednesday 21st February 2024.

See here for tickets


Contact and The Thames Submarine present the next iteration of Surfeit, a celebration of music, film, sound and performance.

GLOBO, David Leister with Andrew Knight-Hill (2024, 16mm x 3, performance, 10 mins)


Throwing 4, Matt Harding & Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom (video, sonic performance, 8 mins)


Dreams From the Past, Bridget Coderc (2023, video, 6 mins)


Kenichi Iwasa (performance, 8 mins)


Clapping Piece, Simon Payne (2024, video, performance, 4 mins)


Foxtrot, Stuart Pound with Rosemary Norman (2022, video, 1 min)


Rie Nakajima (performance, 10 mins)


Civil Disobedience, William Raban (2004, video – transferred from 35mm, 4 mins)


Angharad Davies (violin, 9 mins)


Looped Leaders +, Guy Sherwin & Lyn Loo (2024,16mm x 3, performance, 10 mins)

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