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Contact and The Thames Submarine present: Surfeit

Cafe Oto, Thursday 12th January 2023

Gong David Leister (2019) 16mm, multi-projector performance

Contact and The Thames Submarine presents Surfeit, a celebration of music, film, sound and performance featuring: Steven Ball, Angharad Davies, Livia Garcia and Steve Beresford, Matt Harding, Sue Harding, David Leister and Andrew Knight-Hill, Lynn Loo and Guy Sherwin, Jo Millett, Ecka Mordecai and Li Song.


The Thames Submarine is an art and sound platform featuring work and conversation with artists who use sound as an integral or evocative element of their practice.

David Leister with Andrew Knight-Hill: Gong (2019, 16mm, multi-projector performance + sound)


Matt Harding and Sue Harding: Melody Inside a Fire (Foley and Phone)


Li Song: Metronome/Pendulum

  For snare drum, metronome and hanging speaker.


Jo Millett: Surfeit (2010, single-screen video)


Ecka Mordecai: Horsehair, harp & voice

Steven Ball: Wind, Mersea Island (video + sound performance)


Livia Garcia: My Line

  Graphic score performed by Steve Beresford.


Angharad Davies: First solo violin performance of 2023


Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo: Vowels & Consonants (16mm, multi-projector performance + sound)

  Letterforms printed directly onto 16mm film. First shown in 2005.

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