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Contact: Pairs: Nick Collins / Cathy Rogers

June 26th, 7:30pm at The Depot, 38 Upper Clapton Rd, London, E5 8BQ - £5/£3

Nick Collins has been making films since the late 1970s. They centre on small-scale instances of human geography and habitation, spanning investigations of archaeological sites to contemporary environs. Graphic patterns of light and shadow are the focus of his observational camera, with his subjects including Greek temples, domestic gardens, and town squares. Collins has often collected his films together in short series of 'little films' reflecting their lyricism.

Arkadian Fragment (2017) 3mins, 16mm, colour 

An Afternoon (2012) 4mins, 16mm, colour

Field Study (2013) 5mins, 16mm, colour

Bed and table (2017) 2mins, 16mm, colour

‘shadow as volume’ and ‘trapezoids’ from Messenian Notebook (2017) 8mins, 16mm, colour

Temple of Apollo (2012) 5mins, 16mm, colour

Cathy Rogers’ films typically involve very direct means of production including pinhole photography and photograms. Her work is often also site-specific and reflects a mode of looking that is unique to the locations and materials that she works with. While the strategies of her work are straightforward and deceptively simple, the representational images they generate often prompt viewers to question what they might be looking at in productive ways. Glass House is a new photogram loop.


Pan (2008) 2mins, Super 8, colour reversal, 

Scotopic (2009) 5mins, Super 8, b&w reversal

Almost There (2009) 2mins, Super 8, b&w reversal

Hosepipe (2009) 2mins, Super 8, colour reversal

Rosemary Again & Again; Lavender and Bull Thistle (2014-2017)

     16mm & Standard 8 unspilt, black & white negative, silent, 4:00, 2014-2017

Glass House (2017) photogram loop. 

The two additional works that Nick and Cathy have chosen to show are Nicky Hamlyn's Pro Agri (2009) and Margaret Tait's Garden Pieces (1998).

Download NC/CR in conversation.

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