Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema.

A new book published by Contact

Edited by Andrew Vallance and Simon Payne. 320 pages, Fully illustrated in colour.

With a foreword, 'Speaking Of', by Jonathan Walley. 

Film Talks is an edited collection of unique conversations on experimental cinema from a range of eminent and emerging film and video makers. The book represents a contemporary snapshot on the ways in which experimental cinema is perceived by its practitioners, often in relation to other art forms, moving image culture at large and wider social issues. It is an invaluable guide for those keen to immerse themselves in the insights and perspectives that only artists can offer.

‘The unfinished experiment of media arts is dialogical because they are so dependent on their infrastructures: disconnect the electricity supply and there is no art. Their materiality is far more material than the painted canvas. In the media arts, ecology and technology are inextricable from human society. Their dialogue is not restricted to human languages; but they say what they say to one another through the apparatus of the moving image where we can have a privileged glimpse into their interweaving. What is there to say here that’s not better said by two film artists talking through, with, in each other’s works?’


- Sean Cubitt, Professor of Screen and Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne 

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Film Talks Live

Film Talks Live is a series of events corresponding with the pairings in the Film Talks book.

The first is Cathy Rogers / Vicky Smith at LUX on Sunday 28th November at 2–4. See here