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Intervals Simon Payne (2023) two-screen video

A programme of new and recent experimental single-screen and expanded video works by Sophie Clements and Simon Payne, alongside new music by the composer Tim Parkinson, performed by the GBSR Duo.


Sophie Clements’ work is characterised by an attempt to capture elusive moments involving objects affected by gravity, changing light conditions, wind and rain. Carefully composed framings and highly edited sequences reveal chance arrangements. Simon Payne’s abstract video works are predominantly orientated around bold graphic forms and structured patterns that produce unexpected colour combinations and conflicting planes. The systems that underpin his videos involve the entirety of the screen and every edge. Tim Parkinson’s music exhibits a collage approach, often juxtaposing the sounds of found objects, various kinds of musical material, or snippets of speech: ‘What I want is a large and unforeseen diversity of pitches and intervals – randomness, patterns, shapes’.

Edges: Waves, Simon Payne (2018, 6 mins)
Untitled 2021b (for piano), Tim Parkinson, performed by the composer
On Letting Things Be (An Exercise), Sophie Clements (2020, 2 mins)
Vice Versa Et Cetera, Simon Payne (2010, 10mins)
Sea/Frame (work in progress), Sophie Clements, with live sound by James Woodrow (12 mins)

There, After, Sophie Clements (2011, 5 mins)
Intervals, Simon Payne (2023, 10 min, two-screen)
Snow/Face (work in progress), Sophie Clements, withsound by Romain Arnette (8 mins, two-screen)
Project 9000 (for piano, percussion and audio track), Tim Parkinson, performed by GBSR Duo


Sophie Clements
Simon Payne
Tim Parkinson with GBSR Duo
James Woodrow

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