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Two new events coming up:

Contact: Dwelling

Frieze, No. 9 Cork Street, 4:00, Saturday 1st July.

Contact: Perpetual Possibility

Iklectik, 7:30, Thursday 6th July

See below for details and tickets

Contact: Dwelling

Frieze, No. 9 Cork Street, 4:00, Saturday 1st JulyTickets Here.

Vicky Smith.jpg

A ‘dwelling’ can define a place, possibly a home, that is marked by and marks its inhabitants. An individual or group can take dwelling, seek out lodgings, in a particular place for a time. The characteristics of a dwelling are also defined by the relationships it fosters. These notions are explored by four artist-filmmakers - Vicky Smith, Guy Sherwin, Amy Dickson and Maria Anastassiou – through new and rarely seen work, which will be presented in a unique configuration. A Q&A will follow the programme. 




Re: exposure Vicky Smith (2020, 16mm, 10 mins)


Performance by Amy Dickson with Zara Joan Miller (2023, 15mins)


Notes: Remembered and Found Maria Anastassiou (2023, 16mm/video, 17mins)

PreView, Guy Sherwin (1987/2005/2023, 8mm/video, 15mins) 


Vicky Smith is an artist-filmmaker who has worked in experimental animation and 16mm film for over 30 years and has screened work her internationally in galleries and film festivals. She was a member of the London Film Makers Co-op, has a PhD in experimental film, and is co-founder of artist collective Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF) in Bristol.

Amy Dickson’s practice has involved video, expanded cinema performances with light and textiles. She has also been involved in creating and curating collaborative platforms for artists using time-based media, most significantly as co-founder of collective-iz and xviix

Zara Joan Miller is a British/Iranian artist and author of poetry collection Blue Monday (JOAN Publishing, 2022). She works across moving image, performance and print – often playing with movement and sound as a way of reimagining a body’s rhythm.

Maria Anastassiou is an artist/filmmaker based in London. She uses analogue and digital media in the context of socially engaged practices and curatorial projects. She is interested in the form of filmmaking processes as an entry point into responding to place, historical narrative, communities, individuals and other artists.

Guy Sherwin studied painting at Chelsea School of Art in the late 1960s before becoming involved with the radical film practice of the London Film-Makers' Co-operative where he learnt, and then taught, the darkroom arts of printing and processing. His films explore fundamental material properties of film along with its unique capacity for recording elusive moments. His films have been widely exhibited internationally.

Contact: Perpetual Possibility

Iklectik, 7:30, Thursday 6th July. Tickets here

Jenny Bains Hoops.jpg

New and recent work from Jenny Baines, Louisa Fairclough and Laura Hindmarsh, who will be presenting 16mm film loops, with sonic performances by Matt Sue Harding, Ecka Mordecai and Blanca Regina with Adriana Camacho.


Looping Jenny Baines (16mm film loop)

Bore Song Louisa Fairclough (16mm film loop with sound)

Window Hover Laura Hindmarsh (16mm film loop)

Ballance Matt Harding (speaker, whistle and voice)

Ecka Mordecai (cello, egg flute and voice)

Blanca Regina with Adriana Camacho (electronics and voice with double bass)


Jenny Baines’ practice finds its form though the relationship between her body and the mechanisms of film. She performs actions for a wind-up 16mm Bolex camera exploring the parameters of the apparatus and her own physical endurance.

Louisa Fairclough’s work takes the form of film loops, performances, field recordings and drawings.

Laura Hindmarsh’s practice is loosely focused on the moving image but using interdisciplinary approaches from analogue film to performance, drawing and writing, with a specific interest in storytelling.

Matt Harding explores movement, texture and repetition. He has released several albums, scored films and live soundtracks. His audio-visual pieces include performative installations and an ongoing series of sound films. He also runs the sound and art platform The Thames Submarine.

Situated between sonic, performative and olfactory disciplines, Ecka Mordecai’s work is driven by sensation: entwining cello, horsehair harp, voice, eggflute, scent and improvisation into time-based objects expressive of emotional complexity.

Blanca Regina is an interdisciplinary artist, tutor, and independent curator who works with spontaneous composition systems creating multimedia landscapes using voice, objects, electronics, and visuals.

Adriana Camacho is a musician and filmmaker, who is active on the improvisation scene.

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